Electrical Installation Design

The electrical design is the set of designs and specifications that describe the electrical installation of a structure.

Under the legislation, it is mandatory to be issued for a building permit.

The core services of an Electrical Study are:

  1. Small power and lighting, circuits separation, cable calculations, and phase separation.
  2. Detailed drawings for all Distribution Boards, including the detailed specification for all protective devices and cables, cross-section area calculation and sizing.
  3. Telephone and data network (structured cabling system) design and specification.

However, part of the electrical design is also ancillary services where needed, such as a central lighting system, home automation system, video, and audio distribution systems, access controls etc.

Our company, based on its many years of experience and its highly trained staff, can  propose and design any service required, based on each clients needs.

The procedure for making an Electrical Study is as follows.

  1. Initial meeting with the customer, in order to present the different services and define the needs for each projects
  2. Preparation of drafts schedules and presentation
  3. Preparation of final plans and specifications.

Available Services

● Sustainable and energy efficient electrical engineering design.
● Energy audits, demand assessment, supply and system resilience.
● Supervision, cost monitoring and quality control of Electrical services implementation.
● Telephone and data network design (structured cabling).
● Internal and external Lighting and Intelligent lighting control system design.
● Satellite and terrestrial TV signal reception systems.
● Video and audio distribution systems design.
● Access control systems design.
● Intruder alarm and fire detection system design.
● CCTV monitoring system design.
● Lighting protection system design.

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